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Here are a collection of things I’ve made over the years from graphic and web design work, to music production, to live soundscapes and visuals. Thank you for being here!

Improvised Music & Dance Performance. March 2022

My work with choreographer, dancer, founder, and professor, Vincent Thomas, has been one of the most fulfilling projects I’ve ever done. We met on a whim when he was working on a project at CU Boulder for an opera, and we started to get together to purely improvise – him dancing, me making music. For me, I discovered that the purest form of presence, of listening, led to a completely different realm on which to relate to one another.

We eventually brought this collaboration back to his dance company in Baltimore, MD, with wild praise and success.

Review: http://dancercitizen.org/issue-14/lisa-green-cudek/

[ You can skip ahead to 2:49 to beginning of dance ]

Big Mama Thornton Tribute Project
Music + Production | in production currently

This is a multi-dimensional project, involving audio production, arrangement, performance, and documentary-style filming and video production. Here is a fundraising video I made recently telling a little more about the project, including footage from our travels to Alabama, where Big Mama Thornton was raised.

Below that is a recent production by Rocky Mountain PBS that they made in honor of Big Mama Thornton’s birthday, including Erica Brown and myself.

Black Sun Prism Vol. 1
Improvised Music + Improvised Video | 2018

Audio-visual series, feat. collaborations between Black Moon Howl (a band I helped form) and various musicians & visual artists from around the country.
The goal of the series was to explore and re-imagine how to live music and live visuals can interact – that is, how to make the visuals react to to the music in real time and vice-versa.

Black Sun Prism was funded by/conceived as a project for Mish Granted

Visuals: Prism Vol. I features visuals by Mark Franz. Mark used Resolume Arena V to mix and edit video clips on the fly in response to the live music. This process of non-linear editing, combined with live effects that responded to audio triggers, utilized archival footage that highlights the value of labor and the laborer. In this way, it is responds to the history of psychedelic visualizations that promoted the laborer as hero during live music performance.

Music Video “You Left A Long Time Ago”
Music + Art Direction. 2018

Recorded, performed on, and produced song recording. Helped with concept and art direction. We received support from Bohemian Foundation (Fort Collins, CO) to record a music video in collaboration with local video production company Arcadian Pictures, as part of the 53:14 Film Festival.

Winter Waters
Video + Music | Live soundscape with guitar loops and footage from iPhone 8. Winter 2020

I’m inspired to create feeling and consciousness around our deep connection with nature. This imagery reminds me of my own creative flow, and of my own life force. As much as one can forget, it’s always running, sometimes you just have to look underneath the ice.

Nizhoni | Native American Silver
Video + Music. 2017

Filmed, edited, music by me. Commissioned project. One take audio recording to film. Using imagery to inspire sound.


Red Wing Blackbird
Watercolor + Woodworking. 2021

Wet on wet technique. Created custom floating frame from cedar.

Watercolor. 2023

Wet on wet technique.

Marketing / Design

Felt Like Love teaser

“Felt Like Love” Video Teaser
Video | 2021

Filmed and edited for album release teaser. This was part of a release schedule of promotion and marketing.

carolyn hunter felt like love album art

“Felt Like Love” Album Art
Digital Art | 2021

Album art incorporating nostalgic elements

Samples of Album Art
Digital Art | 2017-Present


Design Portfolio PDF
Design | 2014-Present

Click image above to see more examples of graphic and web design.


Music | 2017-Present

Here are some examples of my production work.

Broken Man Acoustic

I Ain’t Ready @ Globe Hall | Denver, CO

Live Performance
Music | 2018-Present

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