Hey everyone- its been a wild ride this past year and some change. A lot of things happened, (a lot of things didnt happen), but I’m thankful to still be here to be making music and connecting with you. For those of you that have found yourself here, congratulations, I’ll try to pretend I’m not speaking to an empty room right now *cough*. Right before the music industry completely shut down, I had the opportunity to finally make music full-time. I got some producing gigs that allowed me to sustain myself (and my pup Hayda) through the pandemic and from that I now have 3 full-length albums from various artists set to release this year 2021. Here’s some artists I’m grateful for:
Carolyn Hunter – “Lovelight” coming out Oct. ’21 (carolynhunter.com)
Annathyst¬† – “Fly Again” coming out July ’21 (IG @annathystmusic )
Young Atlas – TBD coming out fall ’21 (IG @youngatlasband)
Joshua Skelton – TBD, album still in the works (IG @joshuaskelton)

With all these great artists,¬† I’ve decided to start a artist-development/collective called Wolf Den Records. Lots of exciting ideas and things happening with that, but the plan is to take the focus away from stardom, and really focus on making sustainable careers for artists, creating community, and helping each other in a way that a wolf pack helps each member survive. I’d like to incorporate different elements to this collective, including outreach projects for those who can’t afford to record and have a producer, as well as be a resource for musicians and artists to gain support where they need it (emotional, psychological, spiritual, etc). Are we making a holistic record label? Please visit www.wolfdenrecords.co to see how you can help the cause! Thanks for tuning in, much love

– Julian